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  • Espresso Mujeres Coffee
    This is my number one! Great flavor! I do not like sour or bitter coffee. This is just perfect.
  • Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro blade coffee grinder
    I have just drank the first cup of coffee brewed from the milling coming from this mill. This is absolutely the best hand grinder in the world! So equal milling has never seen, and many brew gained flavor and aroma. The mill I'm sure that one does not wake up early in the morning. The perfect quality!
  • Chemex Classic Coffee Maker
    Of course, I recommend :) coffee comes out strong, but without the aromatic notes of bitterness. Some say that the contact coffee with the metal interferes with the taste, so a glass Chemex is the better option.
  • Bialetti Moka Express
    I use it for more than two weeks - I chose the classic model of the moka pot and I'm very happy. I'll just add that ... it looks even better than the pictures - a detail increases the aesthetic use. I have a capacity of 6 espresso / 6 tz, which will give you a cup of strong coffee. This amount can be divided into several people - as espresso or weaker (but still aromatic!)
  • Bialetti Venus Induction
    Venus has an interesting appearance, eye-catching, even as it stands on the shelf. More importantly - practical and functional. About coffee from cafetiere it can be said that it is the drink of the gods. Product, company and delivery time - a big plus.
  • Aerobie AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker
    The ideal for trips, to work or at universities. In AeroPress we discover the true taste of coffee. In addition, the price is extremely low for its features. It creates a perfect set with grinder Porlex Mini, which is in its upper part.
  • Bialetti Tuttocrema Stovetop Milk Frother
    Tastiest foam I've ever tasted! Really great frother! According to the instructions already foamed milk in 10 seconds! REVELATION !!!

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CoffeeMask - Always fresh coffee

CoffeeMask - a shop for coffee lovers. You will find here the unique, aromatic and fresh coffee.
Both baristas and people who simply enjoy drink coffee at home will find coffee or accessories for yourself. We have many coffee mills, drippers, caffetieres, frothers and other coffee accessories.
We are the distributor of Hario, Kalita, Chemex, Porlex, acaia, Comandante, Bialetti, Zassenhaus, Baratza, Brewista, Fellow and others.

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