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Venus, the second planet from the Sun in the solar system. Venus Bialetti – the first most popular model of moka pots available worldwide. Its resplendence is widely recognized.

This Star outperforms even the best in its type, such as the Moka Express. It is made of stainless steel 18/10, and the lower container is designed to be compatible with induction cookers. The unique design should satisfy the aficionados of modern style and elegance.

The Venus Bialetti may also be used with common gas and electric cookers. It is made of three components: lower water container, funnel with a coffee strainer, as well as upper container for the brewed coffee. Everything is enclosed in the elegant vessel, which pleases the eye with its undisguised charm. And the brewing process? It looks like this:

  • Heated water turns into steam
  • The pressurized steam moves to the upper container
  • Then it flows through the coffee strainer and… it’s ready!

Its design and variety of uses will attract amateurs of beauty and functionality!


One Italian espresso contains about 20 to 30 ml. Which is why you may brew around 120 to 180 ml of coffee in 6 cup Bialetti Venus. You may brew more or less coffee in different sizes of percolators.


The percolator comes with a gasket, which lasts from 1 to 2 years of daily use. Please remember that after every use it should be disassembled, washed and dried. Gasket should be replaced when the ground coffee starts to leak through it.

Intended use

The coffee can be brewed in Venus Bialetti on either gas, electric or induction cookers.


The 2 cup model is not compatible with induction cookers.

Please note: the coffee percolator should be placed on the heat source so the handle is out of its reach.


The offered coffee percolators are originally boxed and contain manual. All percolators are insured for 2 years by the manufacturer.


  • Venus Bialetti 2 cup
  • Height: 14 cm
  • Diameter of bottom lid: 8 cm
  • Width: 10 cm


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