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Kalita Wave Ceramic Dripper 185

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The aroma and essence. Without this two components there is no perfection, which is the queen - coffee. Dripper is the best way to get aromatic coffee, additionally, Kalita wave ceramic dripper gives you much more control over the coffee brewing process.

Kalita Wave Ceramic Dripper, is beautiful, durable and easy to clean. This is one of the three types of drippers designed by Kalita.

Kalita Wave Ceramic Dripper is made of the highest quality ceramic, all heat-proof. This dripper has an unique flat bottom (completely different than most of popular drippers). Thanks that the brewing process look different, and as a result you can get an amazing balance of flavors./p>

Kalita is a good solution for those who have no time and need good coffee.

Available in only one versions::

  • 185 = 500ml - 750ml of coffee brew


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