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Flatex Steel filter for drippers and Chemex 6

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C1 1-4
19,69 EUR


The first such an innovative multiple use steel filter for drippers and Chemex.

FLATEX Filter made of steel net with ultra-tiny holes 800 mesh (that is 800 tiny holes for  1 square inch).

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple use
  • Increases the level of extraction
  • No paper taste in coffee
  • Quick extraction
  • the filter is available in three sizes: C1, C2, CH1


  • Proceed carefully with the filter edges – can be sharp
  • Wash only with running water
  • Suitable for drippers in size 02 such as Hario 02, Kalita 185, Clever and Chemex 6tz

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