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Melitta Aroma Excellent Steel

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Melitta Aroma Excellent Steel is a filter coffee maker.

It is one of the few filter coffee makers which received a recommendation from SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) thanks to the exceptional quality and design.

In addition, it is one of the fastest coffee makers available on the market. The device is equipped with a glass jug which keeps the brewed coffee at an appropriate temperature thanks to an in-built heating plate – what’s most important is the fact that the coffee’s taste remains unchanged!

Melitta Aroma Excellent has a system preventing the water from dripping when you disconnect the thermos flask from the heating plate. The coffee maker also has an automatic safety switch, which means that when the device has been turned on for 2 hours after making the coffee, it will automatically turn itself off.



  • The jug can hold up to 10 cups (1.3 litres or 5-6 mugs).
  • Materials: ABS plastic and frosted stainless steel
  • Jug’s capacity: 1.3 L
  • Height: 305 mm
  • Width: 160 mm
  • Depth: 280 mm



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