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Espresso Mujeres consists of 3% of selected robusta and 97% of arabica coffee blends from different parts of the world. Its distinctive feature is the low acidity and full aroma which is obtained thanks to its place of origin, namely The Dominican Republic. This coffee also includes the blends from Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Mujeres (in Spanish – 'women') is our tribute to all women who love good-quality coffee, as well as to all men loving their women.

The dominant hints are chocolate and nutty, as well as pleasant aroma of orchid, in the surrounding of which the coffee is grown on coffee plantations in The Dominican Republic. The blend is hand-picked and carefully selected among Speciality Coffee, Cup of Excellence and with Rainforest Alliance certificate. Degree of roast: medium-strong – First Crack 12’30”; Time of roast 15’50”, Coolling 2’30”. Coffee is not roasted for a long time. It can only partially come into contact with Second Crack.

Flavour sensations: chocolate and nutty flavours were used to this blend of coffee. It was deliberate to omit citrus hints.

Coffee beans are mixed and roasted together:


  • Constanza - Dominican Republic : mild coffee with pleasant character and dominant hint of orchid.
  • San Rafael - Costa Rica : Speciality Coffee, low acidity and pleasant nutty flavour.
  • Teanzul -Guatemala : the winner of numerous awards, including Cup of Excellence (2002;2007;2011) and the title of The Coffee of the Year in 2011.
  • Nuggets - Mysore Indie : this coffee provides the strongest nutty flavour to the blend.
  • SHB - El Salvador : coffee which is grown in the high mountains and is supervised by the non-profit organization called Rainforest Alliance.
  • Indie Parchment Peaberry: coffee which increases the level of caffeine and provides nicer and darker nutty colour.


Flavour profile (detailed description):


  • Strenght: 3/5
  • Acidity: 1/5
  • Bitterness: 1/5
  • Balance: 4/5


Ways of brewing:

Originally composed blend for the sophisticated Italian espresso coffee lovers.

The guarantee of freshness:

The roasting process of the Espresso Mujeres coffee blend takes place in a Polish coffee roaster that we cooperate with. After the process is completed, the coffee is cooled and packed for each order. That is why, apart from high quality, we guarantee incredible freshness of our product which you are going to experience as soon as your coffee is delivered.

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