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Hario is a company specialising in manufacturing high-quality coffee brewing accessories. They are made mostly of glass, but other materials are also used. The stylish appearance of Hario’s user-friendly coffee drippers, presses and grinders will add lustre to any kitchen or bar counter. The company draws on the experience in craftsmanship it has gained since 1921. Even today, in an era of high-tech production facilities, talented artisans with many years’ worth of experience in creating and forming glass products keep broadening their skills in order to craft the best glass coffee accessories currently available on the market. Hario products are made in accordance with the highest design and production standards, which makes it possible to constantly perfect both their appearance and functionality. The Hario glassworks is an environmentally friendly plant. The company contributes to building a healthy, comfortable lifestyle by respecting its surroundings and our common natural environment.


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Hario V60 Range Server

19,77 EUR
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Hario Drip Scale

61,30 EUR
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Hario V60 Filters V01

5,30 EUR
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